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Police training facilities, not jails and prisons, says the IGP

Usman Baba-Alkali, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), has advised troops sent to police training institutions not to view their deployments as a form of punishment.

At the Police College Maiduguri’s Sunday inauguration of a few finished constructions, he delivered the invocation.

Baba-Alkali exhorted the college employees to approach their tasks with the interest and passion necessary for any duty post.

The police head issued a warning against abusing any privileges given to the teaching staff of the training institutions after announcing several incentives, including allowances.

“When your tenure is over, tell me where you want to post, and I’ll transport you there. However, you should be aware that some locations call for a speciality.

“Give me three requests, and I’ll approve one of them,” he said.

Referring to the recruits receiving their training in the college, Baba-Alkali wished them a warm welcome to the police family and asked them to maintain discipline, stating that this was still the cornerstone of the police. It

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“There is no day that goes by that I don’t lose a police officer, either killed or maimed, but that won’t stop us, said Baba-Alkali.

“Police is a noble job that anybody can do, but for now we are one of the engendered species.

The IGP stated that the purpose of the college’s construction and rehabilitation projects was to enhance the working conditions for faculty and trainees. He noted that the Police College Maiduguri was one of Nigeria’s four top universities.

In his remarks, DCP Bernad Onuoha, the college’s deputy commandant, praised the IGP for starting the rehabilitation and construction projects there and promised proper use of the facilities.

He said that the action had a significant positive impact on the trainees, staff, and college community’s quality of life.

According to Onuaoha, these factors are necessary for institutional growth and development since they increase teaching and learning and provide a welcoming environment.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the IGP earlier opened the renovated Police Mounted Troops office in Maiduguri and the finished Police Area Command office and barracks in Beneshiek.

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