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Skales: I Feel Very Unsafe; Releases Invasion Video by EFCC

Nigerian singer and rapper, John Njeng Njeng popularly known by his stage name as Skales says he “feel very unsafe” following the raiding of his residence by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

CONVERSEER reports that the EFCC invaded Skales’ residence at House F10, Victoria Crest 4, Lekki, Lagos, and arrested Chukwuemeka (a.k.a Jody) and Jamal Jamiu Onasola (a.k.a. Jamal) suspected to be internet fraudsters (Yahoo Boys).

The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday (Oct. 10).

Skales who has since denied any wrongdoings said his life is being threatened for voicing out the ill-treatment by the Nigerian anti-graft agency on social media.

“I feel very unsafe…,” Skales wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday (Oct. 10) afternoon.

The rapper also said the mother of his child dropped her on the floor after the EFCC scared them with their raids.

“Because of @officialEFCC the mother of my child was scared and mistakenly dropped my daughter…the fam dint want to let me know they are just telling me now cos I for run mad,” he wrote.

In another tweet, Skales said: “Imagine this people pulling up like this to a room where my 6month old and my daughter and her were sleeping,” while reason a CCTV video of the EFCC invading his house.

The singer said one of the EFCC officials was calling to threaten him.

“Now one of them whose name is Femi called me threatening that he can rope me into something because of my outburst on social media. An outburst caused by the unprofessional manner in which they gained entry into my home at 4am , while i had my 6 month old child & her mum sleepin”, he tweeted.

Adding, “They destroyed my back door. How do you threaten to rope an innocent person into something he did not do? Is that not ilegal? I guess this is where my lawyer will step in. I am still shiverin Cz it just dawned on me that this happened to me in front of my family & I’m scared now.”

He continued, “The efcc alleged that they found “things” in the phones of the two people they arrested who came to make music with me “one escorted the producer I’m working with to my house and the other is an artist im helping to shape his career…”

“I’m so scared rightnow my daughter is still crying.”

“I was just threatened for speaking out now.”

Meanwhile, the EFCC has denied unlawfully invading Skales’ residence.

EFCC spokesman, Dele Oyewale, told PUNCH: “Number 1, we don’t invade. Number 2, we don’t conduct any raids. Number 3, there are ways and rules to identify a regular EFCC operative.

“So, to all intents and purposes, all of his claims, they are totally removed from what an EFCC operation looks like.”

Adding, “People can make allegations but the authenticity of the allegation viz a viz the reality on the ground concerning any organisation you’re talking about is important.

“There are impersonations all around, all over the place. So, they are not. We are very polite. We don’t do all those things.

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Earlier, Skales released videos of the EFCC raiding his residence. He said his phone was seized by the commission’s personnel but his neighbour happened to make a video of the incident.

“This is a video my neighbors recorded.”

“These are videos of same thing my neighbors experienced.”

“This was my neighbor’s home I couldn’t record cos they held my fone … this is evidence that they came to raid since they are denying it.”

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