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Secondary school student buys Mercedes Benz, drives to show off at school (Video)

A secondary school student has sparked reactions after driving a Mercedes Benz GLK Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) to school.

This was disclosed by a popular car dealer known as Sadiq via a video on his Social Media, TikTok page.

The video which has generated a lot of reactions showed the students, in senior class 3 (SS3), skillfully driving the red Mercedes Benz SUV to school at speed, and parking professionally.

Sharing the video on his TikTok page with username, @sadiqmotors1, the car dealer said the student bought the vehicle by himself.

Sadiq captioned the video saying, ” “Wahala. SS3 student bought a Benz and drove it to school.”

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The video has generated a lot of comments, some of which can be seen below.

@Amaka: “Na only Benin this kind thing dey happen.”

@Deba said: “You suppose come late go drive am through assembly then park beside the principal motor.”

@divine Blue: “Sapele people and their doings. The fact I know this pipeline cause is close to my house.”

@PEACE said: “If na me, na in front of principal office I go park am.”

@jiggy said: “Assembly time na I go take come school.”

@ASK_OF POOSSeIT: “Omo nah Assembly ground you suppose to go park am.”

@Krist white: “Na front of physics teacher car I go pack am make e speck that there English for me.”

@Jannie Godwin: “If na me be the get the school I for suspend am from school.”

@Abdul: “The boy sabi parking ooo.”

@Divinity: “Grace found him.”

@THE FUTURE BILLIONAIRE: “Fess fess who teach am how to drive.”

@Olatunde_Ishola: “This SS3 student Benz of you hi why me from school in 1990, oh true not but teacher book long of in person.”

@mistee: “Go federal government college Delta state make u see.”

@Paul Paulex: “GLk for that matter.”

@king Assurance: “On my ss3 I dey carry power bike go school.”

@jeryfrancesope: “You suppose come late go drive am through assembly then park beside principal motor.”

Watch the video below…

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