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Qualcomm launches 3rd-gen S5, S3 audio platforms

Qualcomm on Monday updated its wireless audio chips for mid-to-high-end earbuds, headphones and speakers and launched the third-generation S5 and S3 audio platforms.

Qualcomm said that the computing power of both audio platforms has been improved by no less than 1 time.

At the mid-range level, Qualcomm claims that the third-generation Qualcomm S3 audio platform has twice the computing power of the previous generation and supports third-party solutions from the “Qualcomm Voice and Music Partner Expansion Program.”

The expansion programme includes a series of pre-validated technologies that provide audio capabilities such as spatial audio and echo cancellation and reduce OEMs’ time to market.

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At the high-end level, the third-generation Qualcomm S5 audio platform uses the same standard architecture as the Qualcomm S7 audio platform launched last year, which can reduce development costs.

Qualcomm claims this platform has three times more computing performance than the previous generation and more than 50 times the AI ​​performance.

Referring to previous reports, vivo will launch the world’s first terminal equipped with the third-generation Qualcomm S3 audio platform – vivo TWS 4 “Hi-Fi Edition” at a press conference at 19:00 today. IT House will bring a full live broadcast and Report.

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