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GIGABYTE releases Z790/B670 motherboard BIOS update

…supports 14th generation non-K processors to turn off CEP function

Gigabyte today released a new beta version of BIOS for Z790 and B760 motherboards, which is suitable for Intel’s 14th generation processors.

The BIOS provides the option to disable CEP (Current Overload Protection), which can lower the CPU temperature and ensure performance output while sacrificing some stability.

For a long time, the CEP function of the Intel B760 chipset has been enabled by default for 14th generation CPUs and cannot be disabled, resulting in the need for higher power protection and voltage compensation settings to ensure stability, but at the expense of performance. The new beta BIOS leverages Intel’s microcode updates to support disabling CEP functionality.

GIGABYTE’s internal testing shows that under instantaneous high workloads, the temperatures of the CPU and VRM have improved significantly, while performance remains unchanged.

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Taking Gigabyte’s “Xiaodiao” B760M AORUS ELITE AX motherboard as an example, at the same performance level, compared with the previous BIOS, the CPU above i5-14600 cools down by more than 16 degrees.

The support list for CEP shutdown function is as follows:

GIGABYTE releases Z790/B670 motherboard BIOS update


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