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Video: Police, pro-Palestinian protesters clash at Biden’s fundraising

A clash just broke out now between the New York Police Department, NYPD and pro-Palestine protesters outside of Radio City Music Hall, New York where President Joe Biden is fundraising with former Presidents Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The footage, shared by @ScooterCasterNY, shows protesters getting physical with the police.

Other footage shows protesters harassing people trying to get by the angry mob.

Video: Police, pro-Palestinian protesters clash at Biden's fundraising

Footage from a different angle captured the chaotic scene as well.

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CONVERSEER reports that Obama, Clinton and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars teamed up Thursday night to deliver a rousing New York embrace of President Biden that hauled in a record-setting $25 million for his reelection campaign.

Video: Police, pro-Palestinian protesters clash at Biden's fundraisingSpeaking during the event, Obama said he was offering “a positive case for someone who has done an outstanding job as president.”

Clinton on the other hand said Biden “deserves another term and democracy around the world needs it.”

On his part, Biden went straight at former President Donald Trump, saying his expected GOP rival’s ideas were “a little old and out of shape.”

Watch the video below…


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