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Google to monetise Gemini AI to Apple iPhone users

Google is actively exploring ways to monetise generative AI-Gemini, and providing paid premium features is obviously a good choice.

According to the Financial Times, Google will provide various paid AI features for Apple iOS 18 users.

It is reported that Apple is currently cooperating with many AI companies such as Google and will open an AI Store application store in the iOS 18 system. Users can unlock more AI skills by paying relevant fees.

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Google is also exploring other revenue methods besides advertising, by expanding the Gemini service on Apple’s iPhone, and actively expanding many paid skills of generative AI.

However, at this stage, Google’s monetisation channels are not clear and attractive enough to drive users to make a purchase.

Google is considering expanding its paid AI search service, a major change to its business model. Google is considering a variety of options, including adding certain artificial intelligence-based search features to its premium subscription service.

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