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US Congresswoman trolled for taking off glasses to watch solar eclipse

The United States Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, has been trolled on social media for taking off her protective glasses to watch the solar eclipse on Monday.

Jackson Lee who is a member of the Democrat Party representing Texas’s 18th Congressional District in the House of Representatives, also said people can live inside the moon.

She said: “The moon is made up mostly of gases, so we can soon live inside it, unlike the sun which is almost too hot to go near.”

However, in an X post on Tuesday, she said: “Obviously I misspoke and meant to say the sun, but as usual, Republicans are focused on stupid things instead of stuff that really matters.

“What can I say though, foolish thinkers lust for stupidity!”

The 74-year-old became a subject of trolls after popular X account, End Wokeness posted a picture of her looking at the eclipse with her glasses down.

The caption of the post read: “How the hell is this woman in Congress?”

The post didn’t go well with many Americans, who were told you can’t look at the eclipse without dark-shaded glasses.

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Read some of the comments below…

Grumpy: “She attended YOLO University instead of Yale.”

General: “Shelia Jackson was a DEI hire, before DEI was even a thing.”

Cindys: “I’m surprised she didn’t put a mask over her eyes. Eclipse Covid possibility.”

Floridanow1: “She serves the purpose for the people who control all of the DC swamp.

“They don’t want smart and critical people who think if their constituents are being served by their actions.

“I think we see how this works, more then ever.”

Travels with Alain: “People like her voted for her.”

Daisy: “The people got her there don’t forget.”

Jorge Heathen: “She lied on her resume.”

Anthony Hughes: “It’s frightening that anyone can be elected to Congress.”

GatorD: “Because the people in her district (which she has done literally nothing for) vote blue no matter who. This is who the Democrats put up years ago & they just keep re-electing her. At least she lost the mayoral race…. Same deal with the dude from ATL GA suburbs; Hank Johnson I think his name is.”

Nevada Liberty: “Just look at what her constituents look like, and that will answer your question.”

One Bad Dude: “The deep state loves subpar individuals. They make great useful idiots.”

Leonardo Vincente: “Our brightest and best don’t get elected. We unfortunately live in an oligarchy. These institutions pick people who are easily influenced and manipulated. It’s not going to change until we have term limits and stop “super pacs”.

Professor Grok: “Graduated Yale with honors?? Let’s check that thesis.”

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
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