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Sadio Mane pays $100/month to each family in his village

Senegalese football star Sadio Mane has not only made waves on the pitch but also in his philanthropic efforts. Born in Bambali, Senegal, Mane’s journey from a small village to international stardom is an inspiration.

His contributions to his home village have been significant, transforming it into a developing town.

Mane has funded a $600,000 hospital in Bambali, addressing the critical need for health services in the region. This hospital, which includes a maternity care unit, was inaugurated in June 2021. The lack of health services was a significant cause for Mane, and he aimed to provide hope for the community.

In addition to the hospital, Mane also funded a $300,000 school in Bambali, recognising the importance of education in the development of his community. He even donated laptops and $400 each to the best-performing students of Bambali High School.

Mane’s contributions extend beyond infrastructure. He gives $100/month to each family in his village, helping to alleviate financial burdens and improve their quality of life. Moreover, he has provided 4G internet to the village, bridging the digital divide and opening up new opportunities for the residents.

Currently, Mane is also in the process of building a Post Office in his village, further enhancing the connectivity and services available to the community. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he was recently honoured with the inaugural Socrates Award, named after Brazilian footballer Socrates, for his social activism.

Sadio Mane’s work in his home village of Bambali exemplifies his commitment to giving back to his community, using his success and resources to create opportunities and improve the lives of those around him. His actions continue to inspire and demonstrate the positive impact that individuals can have on their communities.

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Mane was on this today, 10th April 1992. He is 32 years old today.

Sadio Mane pays $100/month to each family in his village
Sadio Mane with his mother

Sadio Mane’s mother had to watch him on TV to see her son play to believe he was in Europe because he left Senegal without telling his mother.

“I remember the first very day I arrived in France to take tests and sign with Metz. I was supposed to train from the day I arrived but the coach told me to stay at home.

“I had no credit on my phone card to call my mother and tell her that I had gone to France. The next day, I went with some of my friends who were already in Metz and I called her and told her I was in France.

“She said to me she couldn’t believe it. I said; ‘France in Europe’. She replied: ‘What do you mean by Europe? You live in Senegal, you are supposed to be with your uncle’. I then said yes but now I am in Europe.

“She was amazed, it was crazy! She was so surprised that she used to call me every day to ask me if it was true. She didn’t believe me until one day I told her to go and watch TV to see me play. She finally understood that my dream had come true,” Mane said in an interview.

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