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University of Ibadan increases school fees to over N400,000

The University of Ibadan (UI) has increased school fees to the tune of N412,000 per academic session.

This was revealed by the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Keye Abiona while briefing journalists on Thursday morning in Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

According to Prof. Abiona, the fee increment only applies to new students, and not to returning students.

He said the new fees for the incoming students vary by faculty within the university as some faculties are facing higher fee increments than others.

“Majority of the new students will have to pay a total of N412,000, including a bundle fee of N372,000 and additional technology and utility levies of N20,000 each.”

This is a significant increase from previous years and has caused concern among students.

Wading into the development, a pro-democracy and human rights group, Take It Back Movement (TIB) has rejected the increment of tuition fees.

In a statement on Thursday, the movement noted that the new fee expected to be paid by the new intakes will make access to tertiary education difficult for common citizens, adding that the new hike was as a result of lack of political will by the country’s government to invest more on education.

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“New students at the University of Ibadan will face a financial barrier to their education this year, as the university has announced fees of up to N412,000 per session,” the statement by Take It Back Movement’s Student President, Oguntola Sunday Ayomide, read in part.

Oguntola highlighted the negative impact that the fee increase would have on students, their families, and the economy, and called on the university to reconsider the decision and find an alternative solution that would allow students to pursue their education without financial hardship.

He also pointed out that funding Education remains the exclusive responsibility of the government, emphasising that the university’s decision must be made with the interests of students and their families in mind.

“In a powerful call to action, the Take It Back Movement rallied students to ‘stand up, reject and fight’ against the fee increase, which they said was ‘unacceptable’ and violated students’ right to affordable education.

“The movement emphasised the importance of coming together and taking a stand against policies that harm students and their families,” the statement added.

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