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Stakeholder tackles Effefiong Nta Eke, says ex-LG Chairman is full of greed

A critical stakeholder in Ward 7 of Calabar Municipality Local Government Area, Mrs Bassey Ambo, has tackled Hon. Effefiong Nta Eke, former Chairman of the Local Government, calling a greedy, frustrated and desperate fellow.

Ambo stated this in a statement made available to our newsroom on Friday, alleging that Eke sponsored some insulting articles against Chief Felix Idem, Commissioner for Local Government Affairs and Leader of Calabar Municipality.

She alleged that the former LG Chairman was about himself and his family rather than developing the area in his three years in office.

The statement titled “Hon. Effefiong Nta Eke’s Tale of Greed, Frustration and Desperation“, read thus:

“I have read some insulting articles by Effefiong Nta Eke against our revered Leader and father, Chief Victor Felix Idem on some social media platforms, especially WhatsApp. Ordinarily, I don’t like joining issues but when I see a little boy trying to insult someone better and bigger than his own father, I am forced to speak out for the benefit of the vulnerable populace who may not know the truth.

“Nta Eke is like my younger brother whom I watched closely, even when we were in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and I have never been convinced that he would make a good chairman or leader but because of the privileged opportunity/position that Ntufam Edim Inok had as State Chairman of our Party then, he forced an unprepared, inexperienced and greedy young man who had no business with leadership as our council chairman while in our former Party, PDP.

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“This begs the question: how can a young man like Nta Eke become Chairman of Calabar Municipality and immediately register companies and sign 5-10years contracts to his companies for the management and handling of more than seven major revenue points for himself, even after his tenure as chairman, he is still in charge of the revenue collection of Calabar Municipality.

“I have some pertinent questions for Effefiong Nta Eke:

1. Is it our beloved leader, Chief Victor Felix Idem who asked him to be greedy to the extent of signing contracts to almost 10 of his companies?

2. If Ntufam Hon. Edet Okon Asim, Hon. Willy Etim Okokon, Ntufam Hon. Eta Mbora and Ntufam Hon. Donatus Etim did what Nta Eke did while serving as chairmen of Calabar Municipality, would Nta Eke have seen all the revenue points to greedily take to himself?

3. Nta Eke claims to hail from Efut Ibonda in Odukpani Local Government Area, then what fuels his impetus to wreak such havoc in another person’s land, is he forbidden to return to his own homeland to amass ill-gotten wealth to himself?

4. How much has he ever given to Chief Victor Felix Idem or remitted to the council, in spite of the millions of naira he has been making from all these revenue points in Calabar Municipality?

5. It is on record that while serving as Chairman of Calabar Municipality, Hon. Effefiong Nta Eke printed Calabar Municipality official receipts and was moving around with it to issue and collect tolls from offices and companies in Calabar Municipality without remitting a dime to the Treasury of the local government – is it chief Victor Felix Idem that sent him to carry out such disdainful and greedy venture?

6. Can Effefiong Nta Eke mention any former Chairman of Calabar Municipality that has the kind of wealth, he amassed while leaving office as chairman?

7. Can Effefiong Nta Eke mention any former Chairman of Calabar Municipality who has ever moved around with the local government tickets to collect revenues?

8. Why is it that for three 3 years of Effefiong Nta Eke’s reign as council chairman, he did nothing for anyone else, apart from his siblings and a few political liabilities who have nothing to offer even in their polling units?

“On this note, I want to advise Hon. Effefiong Nta Eke to look elsewhere for the deposit of his frustration and leave our highly respected leader alone, this is because Effefiong Nta Eke has nobody in his lineage that can compare himself to FELODEM which is a household name in Calabar Municipality and Cross River State at large.
Those who are close to him should advise or warn him.”

Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom is an experienced Journalist, Blogger and Writer with several years of experience. His stories are based on community development and have brought positive change across board.

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