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Atlantic City Mayor, Wife allegedly beat daughter unconscious

By Collin Rugg

Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small Sr., has been accused of beating his teenage daughter unconscious with a broom.

The Democrat is allegedly caught on film beating his daughter for disapproving of her boyfriend.

It gets crazier: After the allegations came out, the mayor dragged his daughter to a press conference where he denied the allegations.

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Small and his wife would allegedly punch their 16-year-old daughter in the mouth, beat her unconscious with a broom and whip her with a belt.

Atlantic City Mayor, Wife allegedly beat daughter unconscious
Marty Small Sr with family

According to court documents, the boyfriend secretly filmed the beatings on FaceTime where he witnessed her getting choked.

The daughter eventually spoke to a school counsellor about the abuse.

Small is also accused of beating the girl so badly that she miscarried twins.

The Democrat mayor is charged with endangering the welfare of a child, terroristic threats and aggravated assault.

Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg is a writer, investor and co-owner of Trending Politics.

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