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Mary Slessor stopping the killing of twins in Calabar Kingdom is falsehood

By Inok Solomon

Before Mary Slessor moved to Okoyong, the area credited to her famous stopping of the killing of twins, King Eyo Honesty II ruled the Kingdom of Calabar in Creek Town from 1835-1857 and had already stopped the practice in Calabar before the arrival of Mary Slessor in 1876

So the Person who stopped the Killing of Twins in Calabar was King Eyo Honesty II during his reign from 1835- 1857. Mary Slessor was just 9 years old when King Eyo Honesty 11 died.

Mary Slessor stopping the killing of twins in Calabar Kingdom is falsehood
King Eyo Honesty II (sitting)

Even Wikipedia credited the stopping of the Killing of Twins in Calabar to King Eyo Honesty II. But the statue of Mary Slessor is standing to date in Calabar with false historical facts.

If these facts are true, then the claim that she stopped the Killing of Twins in Calabar is a falsehood, and the Twin Island House in Marina Resort credited to be where she was escaping with twins from Calabar to keep safe is another falsehood.

The Early Christian Missionaries Deceits Are Christianity Beliefs Today

Mary Slessor was not Born when the killing of twins was stopped in the Calabar kingdom by King Eyo Honesty II (1835-1857). She came to Calabar in 1876, 19 years after the death of King Eyo Honesty II. She started learning the Efik language to be able to communicate with the locals.

Mary Slessor stopping the killing of twins in Calabar Kingdom is falsehood
Mary Slessor with twins

In 1888, after 12 years in Calabar, she moved to Okoyong where she did all her missionary work on records.

She needed stories to influence her missionary work and to make a name for herself back in her country home. She started out stories of old times, and the killing of twins story caught her interest. Understanding Efik, she was told how twins were infanticide until King Eyo Honesty II stopped it.

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To reenact the whole old History, she started calling for twins to be brought to her as she gifted gifts to mothers who had twins. The locals, mostly those around the Okoyong area who still did not see the ban on killing twins, as enough, saw her as an easy way out to keep twins out of their homes.

As usual with all NGO founders, pictures and stories got to her home country and because the Presbyterian Church which she served as a missionary needed some global breakthrough and no African written History to keep the works of King Eyo Honesty, she was quickly credited as the stopper of Twins Infanticide not even in Okoyong but in the whole Calabar Kingdom. Was that the kind of fame Jesus sought for?

Twin infanticide was not only practised in Africa, as world history proves, Rome, Greece, China all have recorded history of twin infanticide, and yet the world never to date knows who stopped the act.

If by these facts, early Christian missionaries took so much advantage of the lack of African written history and told so many lies, then the intentions of early missionaries were not to preach and teach about God but to promote their Home Churches and exploit Africans for the good of their home country.

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