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Joint Border Patrol Kills G1 of Biafra’s Dragon Militant in Bakassi

By Joe Udo

According to reports from the Bakassi Peninsula, the notorious General of the Dragon Fighter Marine, Inyang Okokon, also known as G1 Vampire, has been killed by the Joint Border Patrol (JBP) of Nigeria and Cameroon in an airstrike.

The incident took place at the maritime border community of Atabong East on Monday, 22nd April.

Local sources suggest that the Joint Border Patrol’s Air Force team conducted several airstrikes in the creeks of Atabong East near the Nigerian coast.

These operations were aimed at neutralising the militant General, who was known for his violent activities in the region. After a thorough search, it was confirmed that General Inyang Okokon had been killed in the airstrike.

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The operation by the Joint Border Patrol is a significant milestone in the fight against insurgency and terrorism in the region.

The successful neutralisation of General Inyang Okokon will no doubt send a strong message to other militant groups operating in the area, as well as serve as a reminder of the joint efforts of Nigeria and Cameroon in ensuring peace and stability in the region.

Recall that on 6th April, there was a face-to-face battle between Biafra’s controlled Black Marine and the Brigadier Intervention Rapide (BIR) of Cameroon which claimed the lives of 11 persons in Abana, former headquarters of Bakassi Peninsula.

The deadly gunfire ensued between the two giants who were battling for control of the Peninsula at 11 AM.

Sources alleged that 8 members of the BIR lost their lives while the Black Marine also lost three men.

Joe Udo
Joe Udo
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