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Columbia & Barnard faculty protest against school’s decision to arrest pro-Palestine students

By Chris Thompson

A recent incident at Columbia and Barnard faculty has generated controversy and debate among faculty members and students.

On 22nd April, the Columbia administration called the New York Police Department to disperse a group of pro-Palestine students who were protesting on campus. This decision has been met with backlash from some faculty members who believe that calling the police was an inappropriate and unnecessary response.

The incident has highlighted a growing divide between faculty members at the two colleges, with some taking sides in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In particular, 54 professors at Columbia Law School signed a letter criticising the administration for suspending pro-Palestine students who participated in the protest.

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On the other hand, there are also faculty members who support the administration’s decision and believe that the protest was disruptive and potentially unsafe.

Shai Davidai, a pro-Israel professor, has been vocal in his criticism of the protest and has also accused Columbia of unfairly barring him from entering the campus.

The incident has exposed deep political and ideological differences among faculty members and students at Columbia and Barnard, leading some to describe the colleges as being in a state of “civil war.”

The controversy is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how the administration and faculty members will address the issue moving forward.

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson is an international writer with expertise in politics, business and public affairs.

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