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Cubana Chief Priest is reportedly building O2 Arena in Imo State

By James Bishop

Cubana Chief Priest in a few years to come will become the face of entertainment business in Nigeria.

Davido took him to O2 Arena for a concert and he returned to Owerri with a decision to build another version of London O2 Arena in his home state of Imo state.

Are you aware that there is no such concert arena in Nigeria like London O2 Arena? Eko Hotel has what seems to be similar but it is not completely like O2 Arena in London.

When completed, it can take up to 5,000 audiences at once with a very large spacious area for parking cars.

There is money in the entertainment business. Investors like Chief Priest understand where to put their money and make millions in profits.

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It is cheaper to buy NGN5,000 ticket to attend Davido’s music concert in this type of arena than to attend his music concert in a club where the entry fee is a bottle of original Hennessy in your hand before you are allowed entry into the lounge.

Owerri remains the entertainment hub of the Southeast with 95% of the hotels in the city having their rooms fully booked during weekends. Having a music concert once a month with one A-list artist in attendance is an added glamour to the array of fun-filled activities going on in various parts of the city.

Soon, this arena will become a delight to Nigerian artists. Nigerian artists will be proud to perform in this arena the same way they are always proud to sell out a show at London O2 arena.

I love people who go outside the country, learn good things and come back to Nigeria to replicate the same here. If Nigerian politicians had been replicating in Nigeria all the amenities they used to enjoy when they travelled abroad, believe me, Nigeria would have gone far in terms of development.

I definitely will one day perform in this particular music arena by God’s grace.

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