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Hamas: Australia Must Halt Funding Terrorist Organisations

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) estimates the Australian Government’s ODA to Palestine for 2023-2024 to be $32.2 million, somewhat more than the last few years.

Considering the conflict and the atrocities in Israel, CVA calls for a moratorium on any funding for Palestine.

“The Australian Government’s funding of Palestine to the tune of $32.2 million will eventually seep into the hands of terrorist organisations like Hamas given that as far back as 2016 it was public knowledge that funds were being diverted from NGOs to ‘benefit Hamas’ terrorist and military activities,” said Greg Bondar, National Director of CVA.

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Israel and Australia have had diplomatic relations since the Australian government of Ben Chifley recognised Israel on 28 January 1949. To now fund Palestine means funding terrorist groups like Hamas.

CVA does however support aid in the form of humanitarian assistance for all civilians affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
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