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APC influencer allegedly kills man who gave him N3m to help secure a job

An All Progressives Congress (APC) influencer, Sadiq Jibrin Gadah (@sadiqsolar), has been arrested by the Police in Kano for allegedly killing his colleague, Bello Bukar Adamu, over a prolonged dispute involving N3 million.

Gadah, known on social media for his acerbic vitriol against opposition political commentators online, reportedly killed Adamu for pestering him over N3 million. The money was said to have been paid to Gadah after he promised to help Adamu secure a high-paying job at the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

According to Peoples Gazette, officials said Gadah and Adamu were colleagues at the Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDC). A spokesperson for the disco did not immediately return a request for comments about the incident.

Kano Police spokesman, Abdullahi Haruna Kyawa told Peoples Gazette that when Gadah failed to deliver on his promise, Adamu started mounting pressure. Unable to tolerate the pressure further, Gadah arranged to have Adamu killed, silencing him forever before he could raise the scam at work or elsewhere.

Adamu was reportedly lured to a remote part of the commercial city, where he was bludgeoned to death with a pestle. Gadah was arrested after a prolonged investigation into the matter, and a video said to have been recorded on 5th May 2024, showed him with a severe wound on one of his fingers, allegedly beaten by the deceased during the struggle.

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The video also showed Gadah holding the pestle said to have been used to commit the murder while standing in handcuffs by the victim’s vehicle recovered near the crime scene.

APC influencer allegedly kills man who gave him N3m to help secure a job

In the recorded video, Gadah, speaking in Hausa, fessed up to his role in the homicide and acknowledged its consequences. He said he was ready to drink poison and die by suicide to save his family from the mess emanating from the chaos.

It was not immediately clear whether the suspect had contacted a lawyer. The police spokesperson said Gadah would be arraigned upon the conclusion of a preliminary inquiry into the matter.

But Kyawa said Gadah’s matter was being treated as a crime of opportunity because he had a good job with the region’s main power distributor.

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