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C’River First Lady provides new home for parents of quadruplets

…as the family names one of the babies after Governor Bassey Edet Otu

The First Lady and wife of the Governor of Cross River State, Rev. (Mrs) Eyoanwan Otu, has fulfilled her promise to provide further support to the parents of quadruplet children in Ikong Village of Obudu local government area of the state.

CONVERSEER reports that Mr and Mrs John Obikang Ashang (couple), were promised decent accommodation in Obudu town, away from the Ikong village where they were living, as well as a livelihood, such as a provision store, from which they could earn daily income.

The Governor’s Wife sent a delegation to Obudu to ensure that decent accommodation was secured and furnished for the quadruplet parents. A provision store was also rented and stocked with items that would become income earnings for the family.

Speaking on behalf of the First Lady, her team leader, Deaconess Mrs Auwundua Richard Efa, said that the Governor’s Wife had committed to ensuring affordable basic welfare for the quadruplets and their parents.

She regretted that one of the quadruplets had died before good care and attention came to the family and that was one reason why the Governor’s Wife relocated the family to an area where healthcare is easily accessible.

She further explained that Rev. Otu wants to avoid a situation where the surviving quadruplets would be seen as a hindrance or burden to the parents.

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“Their new residential apartment away from the village would bring them closer to basic social amenities like potable water, electricity, a good hospital, and markets, as the babies are too tender to stay in an environment that doesn’t guarantee coverage in case of emergency,” she said.

The First Lady advised the parents to make judicious use of all the supplies and their business for the family, especially for the welfare of the surviving children. She also warned them to avoid the risk of managing any health issue at home at any time.

In his remark, the father of the quadruplets, Mr John Obikang Ashang, thanked the First Lady and promised not to undermine her good intentions towards his family.

He prayed for the Governor of the state, his Wife, and the team who came to deliver the message.

He acknowledged the Governor’s good works across the state and his special interest in the less privileged.

He further disclosed that they have decided to name the only male child among the babies after the state Governor, and the child is called “SweetPrince Bassey Edet Otu.”

The accommodation in Obudu town is a two-bedroom, furnished, and handed over to them for use. A mini-shop is also paid for and stocked for the family, among other welfare items extended by the first lady.

Nsan Ndoma-Neji
Nsan Ndoma-Neji
Nsan Ndoma-Neji is a conventional journalist whose career started as a student in a Cross River University.

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