Thursday, 23 May 2024.

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Commercial drivers increase transport fares in Calabar

Commercial drivers in Calabar, Cross River State capital have increased their transportation fares.

CONVERSEER gathered that the new fare increment is for certain routes within the Calabar metropolis.

According to a memo signed by All Drivers plying the below routes, the new transportation fare will take effect from Monday, 20th May 2024.

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Routes and their official transport fare price from 20th May 2024

¶ Watt to Mary Slessor Roundabout – 150

¶ Watt to Main Gate – 150

¶ Watt to Etta-Agbor – 200

¶ Watt to CUDA/Atimbo Roundabout – 250

¶ Watt to Atimbo – 300

¶ Atimbo to Main Gate – 200

¶ CUDA to Cultural Centre/Watt – 200

¶ Etta-Agbor to Bogobiri/Cultural Centre/Watt – 200

¶ Total to Mary Slessor Roundabout – 100

¶ Total after Mary Slessor Roundabout to Small Gate – 150

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