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Apple’s third-generation iPod prototype revealed

… to include Stacker game: gameplay similar to Tetris

AppleDemoYT, who is keen on collecting various rare prototype devices, released a video yesterday, sharing the prototype of Apple’s third-generation iPod and demonstrating a “Stacker” game similar to Tetris.

AppleDemoYT said that this prototype is a “DVT” device, which means it is a mid-term prototype in the design verification test phase.

The prototype model is A1023, which is not a known model of any version of the iPod Classic, and its custom serial interface was designed by Apple engineers.

This third-generation iPod was produced in the 14th week of 2003 (more than a month before the release of the third-generation iPod).


AppleDemoYT purchased it from a domestic electronic product recycler. The device was not functional when purchased, but it could be started after replacing the hard drive cord.

Apple's third-generation iPod prototype revealed

The iPod was running a prototype version of iPodOS 2.0, and one of the games was “Stacker.” Stacker was played much like Tetris, where the pieces were moved from left to right using a scroll wheel. By pressing the centre button, the pieces would fall, and the object of the game was to clear more lines at once, thereby scoring more points.

Apple's third-generation iPod prototype revealed

There are other games on the iPod, but all of the titles are unreleased placeholders, including Block0, Chopper, and Klondike.

There’s also a battery test playlist on the device, which features classic songs played on repeat, suggesting that Apple used the iPod to test its battery life before the third-generation iPod was released.

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