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Amazing Aniebiet Francis and the movie industry in Akwa Ibom

By Emmanuel Godwin

The name Aniebiet Francis has gradually become a household name in the Akwa Ibom movie industry because of her unquenchable Passion for the development of the sector.

As the Pioneer Chairman of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP) in Akwa Ibom State, Aniebiet at all times insists on quality movie productions that will shoot Akwa Ibom Movie Industry to the mainstream.

The Abidoshaker as I fondly call her does not mind stepping on toes, taking loans, crying, sacrificing her last, or even fighting to ensure that she attains quality in her movies. For her, it’s not just “let’s make a movie”, but what’s the quality of the movie you’re making? Will your movie speak well of Akwa Ibom State? Will the investor recope his/her money after sales? Etc.

As an Actor, she has appeared in so many movies, most of which she does it free for the producers as her own support to her colleagues.


As a producer, the Ikot Ekpene-born Chairman of AMP has produced masterpieces like “Every Second Counts, The Final List, Loop Hole, Ifik and Higher Crime”(not including her short movies).

However, as she prepares to launch her new baby project “Higher Crime” into cinemas nationwide, there is a need to massively support this Abidoshaker somebody towards making this project a huge success through collaborations, sponsorships, buying tickets, donations, etc as the spirit leads.

I am quite sure with our support, we will definitely cultivate a top-notch movie producer in the likes of Funke Akindele (producer of A tribe of Judah), Kemi Adetiba (producer of King of Boys), Mary Remi of ROC Studios, Ruth Kadiri, etc in Amazing Aniebiet Francis.

For now, see you at the cinema on the 14th of June 2024 during the release of the blockbuster Higher Crime as I will personally buy a cup of ice cream and popcorn for those who will be lucky to sit close to me.

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