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Akwa Ibom releases timetable for Local Government elections

The Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission (AKISIEC) has released the timetable for the conduction of the 2024 Local Government elections.

According to the timetable, the Local Government general elections will be held on Saturday, 26th October, 2024.

The Commission further said the election schedule is in “Pursuant to the Electoral Act, 2022 section 103, sub-section 1 and 3 pertaining to elections into Area Councils in the FCT, the Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission Law, 2007, the amendment Law, 2024 and other Extant Laws regulating the conduct of Local Government Elections in Akwa Ibom State.”

The Commission hereby issues the following schedule of activities for the elections.

Proposed Time Table And Schedule Of Activities For 2024 Local Government Councils Election In Akwa Ibom State

1. Meeting with Registered Political Parties and Other Stakeholders – Tuesday 4th June 2024.

2. Publication of Notice of Election by the Commission – Tuesday 4th June 2024

3. Publication of Election Guidelines by the Commission – Tuesday 11th June 2024

4. Collection of Forms LGE 001 and LGE 002 by Registered Political Parties at AKISIEC Headquarters, Uyo – Monday 8th – Friday 12th July 2024

5. Conduct of Parties Primaries by Political Parties and observance of same by the Commission – Monday 22nd July – Monday 26th August 2024.

6. Submission of Completed Forms (LGE 001 and LGE 002) by Registered Political Parties at AKISIEC Headquarters, Uyo – Monday 19th – Tuesday 27th August 2024

7. Commencement of Electioneering Campaigns by political parties – Monday 26th August 2024

8. Publication of Personal Particulars of Candidates (LGE 001) – Wednesday 4th September 2024

9. Purchase of Nomination Forms by Chairmanship and Councillorship Candidates through the designated Bank via forms LGE 006A and LGE 006B – Thursday 5th – Monday 9th September 2024

10. Retum of Nomination forms by Chairmanship and Councilorship Candidates – Monday 9th — Wednesday 11th September 2024

11. Verification and consideration of Candidates’ Documents by the Commission – Thursday 12th – Saturday 14th September 2024

12. Display of List of Nominated Candidates and their Sponsors at the Local Government Headquarters – Tuesday 17th September 2024

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