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C’River Social Welfare Commissioner Meets Nigerian Military School’s Top Performing Student

In a remarkable display of commitment to both his education and his home state, Ntoe A., a promising young military student proudly representing Cross River State, visited the esteemed office of Bishop Hon. Dr Margaret M. Ene-Ita, the Commissioner for Social Welfare and Community Development in Cross River State.

Currently enrolled at the renowned Nigerian Military School situated in Zaria, Kaduna, Ntoe A. has garnered recognition as the top-performing student in his class. His exceptional dedication and scholarly prowess have not only brought honour to his home state but also underscored the potential of young talents in the region.

The visit to Bishop Hon. Dr Margaret M. Ene-Ita’s office symbolises Ntoe’s unwavering connection to his community and his earnest desire to contribute positively to its advancement. His actions reflect a steadfast commitment to the development and progress of Cross River State.

C'River Social Welfare Commissioner Meets Nigerian Military School's Top Performing Student

During their meeting, Ntoe A. and Bishop Hon. Dr Margaret M. Ene-Ita engaged in fruitful discussions aimed at exploring opportunities for collaboration between the Nigerian Military School and the Cross River State Commissioner for Social Welfare and Community Development. The objective is to further enrich educational prospects and amplify community development endeavours throughout the region.

Ntoe’s dedication and academic brilliance serve as a source of inspiration for both his peers and the broader community. His visit to the Commissioner’s office serves as a glimpse into a promising future, not just for himself but for the rising generation of youth in Cross River State.

Ntoe’s gesture underscores the significance of nurturing young talents and fostering synergistic relationships between educational institutions and government entities, all in service of the greater good. His unwavering commitment to his education and community is a testament to the potential of the youth of Cross River State and offers a shining example for future leaders to follow.

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