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Tesla To Continue Price Increase In China

By Paschal Abu

The Financial Associated Press, Blue Whale reporters learned from industry insiders close to Tesla that after three consecutive price increases, Tesla will raise the price in the Chinese market again next week.

Recall that on November 14, 2023, the price of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive version increased by 1,500 yuan, with an adjusted starting price of 261,400 yuan; the Model Y rear-wheel drive version increased by 2,500 yuan, with an adjusted starting price of 266,400 yuan.

Within two weeks, all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models on sale in the Chinese market have experienced price increases.

Regarding the reasons for this price increase, Tesla sales staff in a media interview, said: “This price increase is actually a ‘price correction’ compared to the price reduction in August this year. On the one hand, it is because Tesla’s sales are good. On the other hand, because the pressure on the production line is very high and production costs are also rising, in our view, price increases are inevitable.”

The salesperson also mentioned that, “According to the news I got, after this price increase, prices may continue to rise in the future.”

It was noticed that Tesla’s official website shows that the delivery date of the refreshed versions of Model Y and Model 3 is 2-6 weeks, and the delivery date of Model S and Model X is the first quarter of 2024.

Paschal Abu
Paschal Abu
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