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Reflections On Nigeria’s Issues

By Shadrach Idegu

I must proudly pen that dividing Nigeria is never an option to adhere to. The periodic chambers of the issues can never be credited to the population. The country is not the most populous in the world; other countries with higher populations are doing better, even to as many as Nigeria is naturally blessed to. Statistically, Nigerians are very handiwork and productive to other nationalities, but, our political irregularities have mesmerised the efforts and ideologies of the citizens.

Talking about the division of the country because of tribal factors and one-lopsided appointments under the present government is one of the most ridiculous moves so far. If I may ask, what are the pillars for the move? Apparently, I must attest that if sufficient love is the symbol of humanity, the whole world can come under one government, because, in as much as the society can accommodate a given population, things that make lives better are within, only if all are given the opportunity to manifest God-given talents and gifts.

The present government must be well acquainted with the reasons behind the protest of dividing the nation so as to try in all ways to refrain in order to restore complete peace. The government is called to note the following as the striking drive towards the division plan: the unequal distribution of political positions in the geographical zones, the hardship exercises and blocked ears given to advocators of rights and freedom, excessive killings of the citizens without thorough intervention and many more, are great reasons behind the agitation.

The brutality that the constitution has labelled on the poor citizens has taken the eagle’s fly. The measures are so dangerous that only slaves there can be made. The prevailing proceedings liberating the wealthy citizens in some cases have to be applicable to all. This has made the Constitution more hilarious and outrageous.

On the other hand, even political parties’ constitution of the nation needs thorough reviews. Because it favours some members more than others. Therefore, we must have a democratic constitution – not a military constitution, as; having tied to such a constitution both in the federation and political parties’ platforms, a great wealth of wickedness is at watch. And, invariably, continuous protests for rights and freedom could never see the end of the days.

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The nation, if peace and unity are the household we truly agitate for, personal interests to have a larger share must be dropped as any protesting group could get disorganised. In a better way, in a protesting group, no one should have a personal interest in the interests of the group. Plots to eliminate the person in question might easily prevail within and outside the group. Such a thing is to be given no regard to avoid creating noises on the streets.

And as many planning to sell out purposes of any reasonable and legal protesting group, notice should alarm in the devilish outcome; because curses by natures are very bad. Personal interests of callous and ill-mannered citizens have led to the destruction of so many groups that could have changed our nation for the better. This can give room for thorough scrutinisation among the executive members of a protesting group. We shouldn’t cross arms to mourn the nation while we are still alive – for that is absolutely disgusting.

Our democratic legacy has been taken away for the value of immunity. Only in this country, do we know and accept the concept of political immunity with complete heart. The immunities they have cultivated for themselves have been watered by the citizens. Nigerians should note that political activists and scholars help identify the irrelevances of the immunities and how they are out to humiliate and torment the rights and freedom of citizens, whereas, the citizens’ sole responsibility and duty is to completely do away with helping the politicians acknowledging it. Unfortunately, a lot of citizens have woefully failed in this and it is a way to discourage activists and concerned citizens. The worst is set at the watch as citizens (protesters) run away as their lead protesters (activists) are treated unlawfully and gravely during the protest. How can I possibly regard that?

On several occasions, innocent citizens have been brutalised for what they haven’t done simply for not having adequate infrastructure to check private and public activities or actions of the citizens. So, there can never be peace in a nation where things are not adequately handled and operated by security operations. Poor equipment in the security sector have led the country to open to dangers. And as we now have a country surrounded by insurgencies, it is high time some of our security officers are to be trained above their opponents.

The worst of all governments I have seen so far happens to be the incumbent government which has lost integrity so deeply and which has embraced heavy corruption in almost all areas. I can see how irrelevances are taken seriously whereas the relevant things are taken down. We have insecurities in all things, yet, the government is ever busy chasing the wind of leftovers. The government is ever busy on the political party issues.

The government officials keep fighting one another on how to embezzle more, make fools of the citizens more, on how to cover their messes and on how to reinstall themselves and their desired colleagues so that the concept of corruption in the nation continue to gain more prominence. There have been levels of debts and borrowing by the government almost all times and the truth is, no one sees things the borrowed money is used on neither what transpired the debts – this has filled hearts of Nigerians with sorrow and pain every second. So, why should the government incur debts the nation is not responsible for? I do charge our responsible journalists and human rights activists to do more on this till we gain our desires.

Finally, I suggest, if these are given maximum attention, I am so sure, to a reasonable length, we would have better nation.

Idegu Shadrach
Idegu Shadrach
Shadrach Idegu is a Nigerian Author, Activist and Journalist with dozens of published books across the genres of literature. His political articles have been published by foremost Nigerian newspapers and reputable international journals. His books have received global distribution with accolades. His books have emerged as bestsellings and have been translated into major languages across the globe.

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