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Addressing The Root Causes Of Su!c!de: A Call To Action For Mental Health

By Cynthia Maduekwe

In light of the concerning rise in su!c!de rates globally, we are compelled to address the pressing issues surrounding mental health, with a focus on depression, impression, and expression as key factors influencing this alarming trend.

Depression, often underestimated, is a silent assailant that affects millions worldwide. Our society must prioritise mental health awareness and destigmatise seeking help. Through education and open conversations, we aim to empower individuals to recognise the signs of depression, fostering an environment that encourages seeking assistance without judgment.

Impression, the way individuals perceive themselves and their role in society, plays a pivotal role in mental health. Society’s unrealistic standards and expectations can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy and isolation. We advocate for a cultural shift towards embracing diversity and promoting self-acceptance, thereby reducing the detrimental impact of societal pressures.

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Expression, the ability to communicate one’s thoughts and emotions, is vital for mental well-being. Creating safe spaces for open dialogue about mental health is crucial. We urge communities, schools, and workplaces to prioritise mental health programmes, ensuring that individuals feel supported and understood.

The Way Forward: Solutions to Prevent and Cure

1. Accessible Mental Health Services: Governments and organisations must invest in accessible and affordable mental health services, ensuring that anyone in need can easily access professional help.

2. Community Support Networks: Establishing community support networks that provide a sense of belonging and understanding can be instrumental in preventing individuals from feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

3. Education and Awareness Campaigns: Launching comprehensive campaigns to educate the public about mental health, focusing on early identification of symptoms, available resources, and the importance of destigmatising mental health issues.

4. Workplace Wellness Programmes: Encouraging companies to implement mental health wellness programmes that promote a healthy work-life balance, reduce stress, and offer resources for employees facing mental health challenges.

5. Media Responsibility: Media outlets should play a responsible role in portraying mental health issues accurately and without sensationalism. Promoting positive narratives can contribute to a healthier societal mindset.

As we collectively strive to address the root causes of suicide, let us foster a compassionate and understanding society where mental health is prioritised, stigma is eradicated, and individuals feel empowered to seek help without hesitation.

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