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Intel Announces New AI Company “Articul8”

By James Ovie

Intel announced today that with the support of digital asset management company, DigitalBridge Group and other investors, the company will form a new independent company around artificial intelligence business – Articul8 AI, aiming to provide enterprises where Customers are provided with a full-stack, vertically optimised and secure Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) software platform.

According to IT Home, Intel officials have not yet disclosed the details of the new company, nor are they willing to comment on whether the company will retain a majority stake in the new joint venture. They only stated that the company would have an independent board of directors, and Intel would still be a shareholder.

The company, which will not be publicly traded, began as the product of a partnership between Intel and the Boston Consulting Group on enterprise artificial intelligence technology projects.

According to reports, Arun Subramaniyan, former vice president and general manager of Intel’s data centre and artificial intelligence group, will serve as CEO of Articul8.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said, “With deep AI and HPC domain knowledge and enterprise-grade GenAI deployments, Articul8 is well-positioned to deliver actionable solutions to Intel and the broader customer and partner ecosystem. business results. As Intel accelerates the development of artificial intelligence in various fields, we look forward to our continued cooperation with Articul8.”

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Intel has used its own supercomputers to develop a generative artificial intelligence system that can read text and images using a combination of open-source and internally developed technologies. Intel later made improvements to the system, running it in Boston Consulting Group’s data centres to help address privacy and security concerns.

“Our collaboration began nearly two years ago when the joint venture was in Intel’s incubation stage,” said Rich Lesser, global chairman of the Boston Consulting Group.

“Since then, we have provided services to multiple clients. Articul8 AI products are deployed. These customers are looking for a production-ready platform that can be quickly brought to market.”

James Ovie
James Ovie
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