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Assassination Attempts on German Right-Wing Politicians

By Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Tino Chrupalla, the co-chairman of ‘Alternative for Germany’ (the only ‘true’ right-wing party in Germany), has been hospitalised after an assassination attempt with a syringe before he was due to speak at an election rally in Bavaria today (Oct. 5).

Another suspected assassination attempt on his co-chairwoman, Alice Weidel, has recently been thwarted. The authorities took her out of her apartment last weekend to ensure her safety.

A few weeks ago, Andreas Jurca, another politician from the same political party, was rushed to the hospital after being beaten to a pulp in an organised attack on his life by a group of migrants who recognised him.

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All of this is extremely shocking, but unsurprising. It is the result of the extremely hostile narrative that is created by the media and the establishment surrounding right-wing politicians and dissidents.

It reminds me of what happened back in 2002 in The Netherlands when climate activist Volkert van der Graaf shot right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn in the head in broad daylight. Van der Graaf – mind you – is already freely walking the streets again.

We have to realise how serious the situation is for us on the right in Western Europe. We’re dealing with an enemy that wants to and is prepared to kill us for our political beliefs.

These assassination attempts are a clear declaration of war against the European right. And this is just the beginning.

These people will use any means possible – including violence and death – in order to silence our voices.

We cannot let it happen.

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