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NVI International supports revival of Tinapa Free Trade Zone

By Victor Inyang

NVI International Consult Limited has fervently supported the revival of the Tinapa Free Trade Zone, envisioning numerous advantages for Cross Riverians and Nigeria.

Economic Growth

Positioned strategically in Calabar, Tinapa Free Trade Zone holds promise as a catalyst for economic prosperity. Its appeal to both foreign and local investments is poised to generate job opportunities and foster increased economic activities.

Job Creation

The revitalisation of Tinapa Free Trade Zone signals hope for employment generation across various sectors, from retail to manufacturing and services. The surge in job opportunities aims to alleviate local unemployment concerns.

Revenue Generation

A functional Tinapa Free Trade Zone presents a lucrative revenue source for Cross River State and Nigeria. Taxes, tariffs, and diverse economic activities would contribute to funding essential services and critical infrastructure development.

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Trade Hub

As a central trade hub, Tinapa Free Trade Zone would streamline import and export dynamics, fortifying international trade relations and empowering entrepreneurial ventures.

Tourism Boost

Tinapa’s unique offerings, coupled with Calabar’s historical significance, attract tourists, revitalising the local tourism sector and impacting the hospitality, transportation, and entertainment industries.

Skills Development

Tinapa Free Trade Zone’s resurgence would stimulate skills enhancement and knowledge transfer through collaborations with educational institutions, fostering a more adept local workforce.

Infrastructure Development

Meeting Tinapa’s operational needs would drive robust infrastructure growth in Calabar, improving roads, utilities, and facilities for the benefit of both Tinapa and the broader region.

Technology Transfer

The presence of international businesses in Tinapa Free Trade Zone would introduce cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation and enhancing the competitive edge of local industries.

Regional Development

Beyond Calabar, Tinapa’s revival would have positive repercussions on neighbouring regions, catalysing economic conditions and infrastructure development.

Global Trade Connectivity

Tinapa’s resurgence would position Cross River State as a global trade player, attracting international collaborations, investments, and fostering economic ties.

In summary, reviving the Tinapa Free Trade Zone has the potential to be a transformative force, extending multifaceted benefits beyond local borders, positively impacting Cross Riverians, and contributing significantly to Nigeria’s economic prosperity.

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