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Bytedance responds to “TikTok e-commerce tightens US store opening policy” related reports

ByteDance’s official account stated on the evening of 27 March that some news outlets recently reported that TikTok e-commerce had tightened its store opening policy in the United States. This information is false.

TikTok e-commerce has clear policies and requirements for all sellers in the store, including requirements for international sellers, and these policies and requirements have not changed since the TikTok store was launched in the United States in September 2023.

According to It Home, Reuters and others recently quoted supplier sources as saying that TikTok Shop in the United States is tightening its store opening policies: American companies that are required to register as American stores must be at least 51% owned by Americans, and the person in charge must be (Chairman) is required to have a U.S. passport. Those who do not meet the regulations can only register as overseas merchants.”

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The report also claimed that many Chinese sellers have used U.S. entities as U.S. merchants on the platform but these rules mean that they need to re-register as foreign sellers, so it can only receive less attention and support, and is at a disadvantage compared with American TikTok sellers.

Bloomberg reported at the beginning of this year that TikTok plans to expand its U.S. e-commerce business tenfold this year to $17.5 billion, which will pose a greater threat to Amazon.

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