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WPS online printing service to be offline in May

WPS recently announced that due to business adjustments, the “Online Printing” service will be officially offline from 15th May 2024, and users will not be able to enter the service page.

The announcement stated that users will not be able to place orders for printing services from now on. Orders that have been successfully placed will continue to be valid and printing services will be provided according to the order.

After the “Online Printing” function is offline, WPS will retain the order query and invoice portal. Users can access, view historical print service orders, and issue print service invoices through the following paths. “Order Inquiry and Invoice” access path: WPS Personal Centre-Purchase Record.

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According to IT Home, to use the WPS online printing service, just enter “online printing” or “online printing” in the search box on the WPS homepage, find the application, and start using it.

WPS online printing supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, etc., and provides home delivery services, which are very friendly to users who do not want to print offline.

After uploading files, users can set parameters as needed in batch settings, which is suitable for various printing needs such as contracts, test papers, books, picture albums, etc. An A4 black and white page only costs 7 cents.

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