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Sony PlayStation Hacker Gets $10,000 Bounty After Discovering Critical Vulnerability

By James Ovie

PlayStation hacker, TheFloW confirmed on LinkedIn that he once again won a $10,000 bonus from Sony through the HackerOne bug bounty program.

This means that this researcher submitted a major vulnerability to Sony, but it is still unknown when and whether the vulnerability will be made public.

The jailbreak of PS4 and PS5 has been stuck on the old firmware for a long time. However, in September this year, TheFloW detonated the entire community with a simple “Don’t upgrade”.

The hacker implicitly hinted that he had a bombshell in his hands. This is most likely a kernel vulnerability targeting the PS5 or PS4 (or both).

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Sony PlayStation Hacker Gets $10,000 Bounty After Discovering Critical Vulnerability

And his LinkedIn messages this week further confirmed that. 

The email he received from the PlayStation Security Team read: “Thank you very much for your report! We have reproduced your findings, we have decided to rate the severity of this report as high severity and award you a $10,000 bounty.”

Although there is no indication that Sony will disclose this vulnerability chain, IT Hone reports that in the past, TheFloW has always insisted on disclosing its vulnerabilities after obtaining Sony’s approval.

James Ovie
James Ovie
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