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2023 World Famous Esports Cities Ranking

By Paschal Abu

On 30 December 2023, the finals of the 4th Shanghai E-Sports National Championship ended at the Shanghai Transnational Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center in Putuo District.

At the scene, the global consulting company KPMG released and interpreted the 2023 ranking of the world’s leading e-sports city industry development index.

In the 2023 ranking of world-famous e-sports cities released this time, Los Angeles, Paris, and Shanghai rank among the top three.

Since the report was released, Shanghai has ranked among the top three on the list for three consecutive years.

The report pointed out that the 2023 Global Esports Conference will be held in Shanghai.

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Shanghai’s esports revenue will account for more than 40% of national esports revenue in 2022. Shanghai has also issued a number of esports industry support policies.

Statistics show that 80% of domestic e-sports companies, clubs and celebrity resources are concentrated in Shanghai, and 40% of nationwide e-sports events are settled in Shanghai.

It was reported that in December 2017, Shanghai made it clear that it would build a global e-sports capital.

Paschal Abu
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