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American Missionary lauds state of roads in Calabar

  • …says Calabar roads are better than those in Abuja

An American Missionary, Evangelist Curtis Hall, has praised the condition of roads in Calabar, Cross River State.

CONVERSEER reports that since Governor Bassey Otu took over the mantle in May 2023, he’s been on the rehabilitation of roads in the city and other parts of the state.

Commending the road network, which has been the effort of Governor Otu, Evangelist Hall said the streets in Calabar do not have as many gallops as those in Abuja.

Hall was preaching on the topic, “Showing To The Generation To Come,” during the 2024 Soul Winning & Leadership Conference, organised by the Independent Church of Calabar (IBC), Calabar, on Sunday.

He said, “We are blessed because we are saved. Your final destination is not Calabar, it’s Heaven.

“Last time I checked, I am so thankful, I am thankful that the streets in Calabar do not have as many gallops as Abuja. Abi?”

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The cleric said despite the streets of Calabar being better than those in Abuja, there are not better than those in Heaven.

“I mean, thankful for the fact that… like we look at the streets in Calabar and there are painted, there are painted with black tops. You know what God paint the streets in Heaven with? Gold.

“So, you think Heaven is going to be a great place? Absolutely, it is going to be a great place and I am going there through the Lord Jesus Christ.

“So, whatever problems I have here, there are temporary because whatever I deal with here, that’s the worst because when I get to Heaven, it’s a perfect place, and I am going to enjoy every single second of eternity.”

He also said, “There’s no place for lazy man, every time I lay my head, I remind myself I have something that Jesus did not have. So, just a place to lay my head, I praise God for it.”

CONVERSEER reports that the conference which was held from 7th to 10th April at the Church Auditorium at Efio-Ette Junction in Calabar, had several ministers (national and international) preach on various topics, including Pastor Mark Holmes on What Will Jesus Do?, Pastor James Abbey on Defending Our Ground, Pastor John Abili on Some Things We Ought To Increase In As Christians, and Pastor Nicholas Wayih, Head Pastor of IBC.

CONVERSEER reports that the Honourable Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Hon. Pius Edet Ankpo, revealed that the administration is currently constructing 10 new roads in Calabar South, in addition to the ones constructed and being rehabilitated across the Calabar metropolis.

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