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C’River Assembly Speaker inspects ongoing road construction in Nde

By Mathew Okache

The Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem, in a proactive approach towards the longstanding issue of impassable roads, which has been a major challenge for several communities, took a decisive step by personally inspecting the ongoing internal road construction site at his hometown in Nde.

According to Ayambem, the “Mbé Etig” or “Town Road” is a vital artery that connects several villages in Nde. Unfortunately, the road has been plagued by chaotic erosions, which has made it almost impossible for residents and businesses to use it effectively.

Ayambem highlighted the challenges faced by farmers in transporting their produce to markets or urban centres due to the road’s poor condition, saying that this was the driving force behind the urgent need to facilitate its reconstruction. He reiterated the commitment of the People-First administration of Governor Bassey Otu to prioritising projects that directly improve the lives of the people.

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The Speaker, accompanied by the Minority Leader of the CRSHA, Hon. Brian Odey, and the member representing Yala1 State Constituency, engaged with constituents who expressed gratitude for the much-needed development.

The constituents explained that with the Speaker’s inspection and engagement, hope had been restored, adding that the Speaker’s move was a testament to his unwavering dedication to ensuring the development of Cross River State and the overall well-being of its people.

The project manager, Mr Ogar Tawo Obi (Poizo), provided insights into the proposed 2.5km road, which includes comprehensive drainage systems to mitigate future erosion risks. He assured that the project is on track for timely completion, offering a lifeline to motorists and businesses alike.

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