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Lady wheels uncle’s dead body to bank in Brazil

By Collin Rugg

Authorities believe the corpse of the man who was wheeled to a bank in Brazil died about 2 hours before the incident.

New security footage shows Erika de Souza pushing her ‘uncle’, 68-year-old Roberto Braga’s lifeless body through the mall.

De Souza is claiming that Braga died sitting in the wheelchair at the bank, however, police are suggesting otherwise.

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Rio de Janeiro Civil Police chief Fábio Souza says cadaver spots were on the back of Braga’s head meaning he had been dead for two hours.

De Souza is now facing charges including attempted theft by fraud and vilification of a corpse.

Watch footage below…

Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg is a writer, investor and co-owner of Trending Politics.

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