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Minister Keyamo approves Air Peace to operate Abuja-London route

By Ken Ibenne

In an exclusive interview on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’ program, Minister Keyamo emphasised the government’s commitment to backing healthy local airlines like Air Peace and revitalising those facing challenges.

“I approved Air Peace for the Abuja-London route,” Keyamo revealed, underscoring the move’s reciprocity, as British Airways also operates flights on this route alongside Lagos-London services.

Anticipating a potential price war, Minister Keyamo believes this decision will lead to reduced fares, benefiting Nigerian travellers. He highlighted ongoing fare competition on the Lagos-London route and assured vigilant monitoring by aviation authorities.

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In response to the competitive landscape, the government remains open to offering waivers to support local carriers, aiming to lower airfares for Nigerians on international routes.

“We have a duty to support our own,” Keyamo affirmed, emphasising the government’s commitment to prioritising the interests of Nigerian travellers and ensuring access to affordable air travel.

As Air Peace gears up to launch its Abuja-London service, Minister Keyamo’s approval signals a significant step in advancing the competitiveness of Nigeria’s aviation sector while enhancing accessibility for travellers. With the potential for reduced fares and increased connectivity, this decision holds promise for the aviation industry and passengers alike.

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