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Hon. Oko Sunday Ebeku @61: Celebrating a silent achiever, leader of great quintessence

By Mark Eneng

Today, 14th May, we celebrate the birthday of a political Colossus, an iconoclast of great quintessence, Hon. Oko Sunday Ebeku a.k.a OTOLO.

As a leader who combines traditional political tactics and modern strategic engagement, OTOLO has carved his name on the historical, political ceramics of his Okuku Ward and State at large.

The former General Manager of Waste Management Agency, now the General Manager of RUWATSSA, is indeed, a round peg in a round hole.

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From the crucibles of an obscure enclave, Oko spread out and has distinguished himself in all ramifications. In politics, Family life and Business, he has excelled copiously in all facets of his endeavours.

At 61, Hon. Oko radiates the resplendent sparkles of a fine gentleman and a thorough-bred Elderstatesman. He is a silent achiever, unassuming and a deliberate optimist.

He hails from Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

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