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How to apply for NDDC Project HOPE recruitment

Following the launching of the Holistic Opportunity Projects of Engagement (HOPE) by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to create jobs for the youths of the Niger Delta to cushion the effect of unemployment in the region, a portal for registration has been made available.

The Niger Delta region, known for its vast natural resources, has long been in dire need of sustainable development initiatives that can uplift the lives of its youth and foster economic growth. In a bid to address this pressing issue, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has launched an ambitious and innovative project called “HOPE” – an acronym for Holistic Opportunity Projects of Engagement. This groundbreaking initiative aims to create 1,000 jobs per state in the Niger Delta region by leveraging a comprehensive database of youth skills and needs. Through HOPE, the NDDC envisions a brighter and more prosperous future for the region’s residents, catalyzing positive change and sustainable development.

The HOPE project is meant to provide 1000 jobs for each of the States under the Niger Delta Commission through skill development and strategic partnership.

If you wish to register, kindly read through this article to see the Registration guidelines.

Recall that during the launch of the HOPE project, the MD/CEO of the Commission, Dr Samuel Ogbuku, mentioned during his speech that Hope will capture the data of the youths including their area of interest, qualifications, and skills.

Only those whose data are captured in the HOPE digital repository will be considered. The MD further called on the youths, entrepreneurs, men, and women of the region to register.

Understanding NDDC Project HOPE Recruitment

At its core, HOPE is designed to harness the untapped potential of the youth in the Niger Delta region. The initiative recognizes that the key to sustainable development lies in engaging and empowering the local talent pool. By utilizing a comprehensive database that captures the skills and needs of the region’s youth, HOPE can effectively match them with suitable employment opportunities and provide them with the necessary resources for personal and professional growth.

Eligibility for NDDC HOPE Recruitment registration

To qualify for the opportunities offered by NDDC through the HOPE initiative, the applicant must:

1. Be an indigene of any of the 9 states that make up the Niger Delta region which includes:

  • Delta
  • Rivers
  • Edo
  • Bayelsa
  • Imo
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Cross River
  • Abia
  • Ondo

2. Must be up to 18 years of age with a means of identification.

3. Must be available for the training.

4. Must have a working bank account.

The NDDC HOPE Planned Projects
The NDDC HOPE projects planned to be executed across the 9 Niger Delta States include;


State-of-the-art textile production plants, with vegetable farms to be set up in Abia State. With International and public sector partnerships, to ensure world-class standards.


Poultry farm and mechanized egg hatching and processing plant, to be set up in Akwa Ibom state, this state of the art project would be implemented by the best in the business internationally.


A large plantain plantation and snail farm will be located in Bayelsa State, ensuring the creation of both jobs and entrepreneurs.


The potential for rice farming in the region is one that stays under-exploited over the years, we delve into the potentially rich sector with a different approach to make a sustainable model for the industry, benefiting the people of the region


Partnering with the best brands in vehicle manufacture worldwide, we are creating an automobile mechanic village in the Delta State, this would be for all sectors of the process, from production to maintenance.


While harnessing one of the major attributes of the Edo State, the production of quality craftsmanship in woodwork and  furniture making, engaging the proper partners to develop the potential and bloom the industry in the state


State-of-the-art Sugarcane farms with mechanised processing plants will service the need of the people of Imo State. Providing unique opportunities to the populace of the region.


With a large expanse of land for a great potential of open grazing, Ondo state would house the development of a Cattle Farm and Dairy processing plants. These plants would then in turn produce most dairy products, not already being produced in the country, thus creating a vast amount of jobs and wealth creation avenues.


Rivers State is known for its rich aquatic life, making it a fertile ground to establish a fishing hub, which would still obviously extend to other regions.

To successfully apply for the NDDC HOPE recruitment, applicants must;

  • A scanned passport in jpg, png, jpeg, format and not larger than size: 2 MB.
  • Provide a functional Mobile Number for communication
  • Provide a valid address residential address
  • Relevant Certificate (Primary, Secondary, or Diploma)
  • Possess a relevant skill or be willing to learn a relevant skill set
  • Provide a functional Bank Account/Bank Name
  • BVN

How to Apply

Follow the following simple steps to get registered for the opportunities offered by the HOPE initiative.

1. Log on to the NDDC HOPE initiative official website:

2. You will be required to fill in your Name, Sex, Age, State, City, Marital status, Employment status, Address, Email, Mobile contact, Country, Educational qualification, and Skill of interest.

3. Complete the application form provided on the website with accurate information.

4. Submit the application form through the website making sure that all the information provided is correct.

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Frank Ulom
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