Thursday, 23 May 2024.

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Police declare 14 persons wanted for conducting youth election in Bayelsa

14 most wanted persons in Bayelsa State

The Bayelsa State Police Command has declared 14 persons wanted in the state.

According to a press statement by ASP Musa Mohammed, Police Public Relations Officer in the state on Thursday, the 14 persons surreptitiously conducted an election for the Epie Atisa Youths Council.

The police described the act as “Unnecessary flight in the face of authority and threat to peace as the purported election is null and void.”

The statement added, “The Bayelsa State police command is, therefore, advising the wanted persons to report to the command headquarters on Thursday, 22nd May 2024 by one o’clock in the afternoon unfailingly.”

The 14 wanted persons are;

1. Comr. Daniel D. Daniel
2. Comr. Koffi Osomewo
3. Comr. Kalime Odede
4. Comr. Daniel Kiebo
5. Johnbull
6. Tavie Clement
7. Yaviekume Super Japhet
8. Kieme ThankGod
9. Kieboye Appah
10. Famvie Berebo
11. Henry Okosi
12. Elliot Tokumbo
13. Faith Fabiri
14. Clinton Wanbira Friday

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