Tuesday, 4 June 2024.

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IKEA opens virtual store where players work, earn money

IKEA is opening a virtual store in Roblox, where players can work and earn money.

According to Daily Loud, those selected will be paid £13.15/€14.80 per hour, which equates to $14.31 / $16.10 in U.S. dollars

Furniture chain IKEA says it’s hiring real people to work inside a virtual store within the gaming platform Roblox.

“IKEA’s virtual employees will be paid the same rate as a London co-worker — £13.15 / €14.80 an hour — which equates to $14.31 / $16.10 in U.S. dollars and is aligned with the Living Wage Foundation’s real living wage,” the company said.

The so-called “Co-Worker Game” launches on 24th June, and will allow players to “experience working in IKEA’s virtual universe,” according to IKEA.

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
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