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38-year-old lady in need of husband storms the streets with placard

A 38-year-old Nigerian lady in need of a husband has taken to the streets to demonstrate her seriousness.

CONVERSEER learned that the lady, according to photos posted by Instablog9ja on Thursday, took to the streets of Lagos with placards saying she needs a husband.

38-year-old lady in need of husband storms the streets with placard

The placard read: “38 Years. I Need A Husband…”

The photo and gesture by the unnamed lady have generated lots of reactions from Nigerians.

Some emphasised on social media posts by some ladies who claimed they don’t need a husband or a man in their lives.

Some of the comments also claimed that many ladies reject good male suitors in their prime (young age) only to end up looking for one at old age.

Read more reactions below:

38-year-old lady in need of husband storms the streets with placard

“As she was busy eating shawarma and pepper soup and bear from one semi-rich man to the other and rejecting good prospects because they were not rich, we kept quiet. Let her come back when she is 50” – Son of Man

“I know a beautiful lady that did the same thing during her 20s, she’s now 30 plus no husband up till now” – Akinola Ojeyinka


“This is a red flag to all men, she just lost the chance to get a man” – A.K.A

“She’ll find the desperate man she’s looking for” – Angel

“If it’s not attention seeking due to joblessness, I don’t know what this is. Such a shame” – Abby Abi

“She no go see in Jesus name” – Ajibola

“In few years to come, many rejecting potential suitors because of unrealistic standards will find themselves in this position, and at the end they shall console themselves with ‘Marriage is not an achievement'” – Vintage

“Good men are hard to find because they are busy. Busy building their kingdom, acquiring wealth, getting jacked and smashing their goals. They don’t waste their time chasing women. Give it more time. We’ll be seeing more of this” – Osasu Ywie

“…What happened during her youthful years?” – Lucky Gold

“Marriage is not an achievement Aunty wait till you’re 50. Rita Dominic found love at 46” – Big Cedar

“After rejecting multiple men because of money during their youth days, they start looking for husbands in their old age” – Adex Sar

“After enjoying life flexing thinking that you were a young girl. This life you go stand tire” – Kazeem

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