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ARISE Agenda Gathering Momentum – EARCOM

The implementation of Governor Umo Eno’s ARISE Agenda is gathering momentum and deserves the support of citizens of the State according to the Akwa Ibom State Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation Commission, EARCOM.

Speaking on a radio current affairs programme, The Congress, monitored on Premium 89.9 fm, Abak on Wednesday, a Commissioner on the Board of EARCOM, Hon. Goodnews Ediene, said the Commission is impressed with the progressive implementation of the ARISE Agenda already visible in several focal areas.

Dissecting the ARISE Agenda of Pastor Umo Eno with achievements recorded within the first five months of his administration, Hon. Ediene, said EARCOM has evaluated the Agricultural Revolution stride with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with management of SONGHAI Farms Contonou to replicate their farming Mechanisation in Akwa Ibom State, as a welcome development.

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He added that the Rural Development component of the vision has seen to the flag-off, of various rural roads construction across the State. EARCOM, he said, also acknowledges the putting to full use the E-Library complex, which was somehow moribund as a testimony to how all government facilities that are underutilised will be brought back to their full capacity and functionality for the benefit of the citizenry.

He expressed confidence that Ibom-LED would utilise the facility as an entrepreneurship hub to help drive the entrepreneurial programmes of Governor Umo Eno.

On Security, EARCOM, welcomes Pastor Umo Eno’s proactive measure in creating the Ministry of Internal Security and Waterways, appointing a security expert, and retired General to superintend over the Ministry.

To further consolidate the security architecture of the ARISE Agenda, EARCOM views the ongoing recruitment of locals within each locality that will serve as neighbourhood security agents to the ministry as apt and tasked those shortlisted to be Patriotic and make intelligence gathering easy for the officials of the new Ministry.

EARCOM, further observed that the quest for Education advancement has effectively commenced with the total overhauling and building of a model Primary School school complex(at Christ the King Primary School, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo), which is to be replicated in the entire 31 Local Government Areas.

In a related development, EARCOM, lauded the bipartisan and inclusive approach of Governor Umo Eno to governance, stressing that, the unity of the State and equity have remained paramount in his appointments and programmes.

Hon. Goodnews Ediene submitted that EARCOM will continue to mobilise the people to keep faith with the Governor’s ARISE Agenda Mantra to ensure all-round success for the betterment of the State.

Ekemini James
Ekemini James
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