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Rivers residents demand transparency, accountability from Governor

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

A group of impartial Rivers residents, under the banner of the Rivers Democratic Vanguard, RDV, have voiced concerns over the governance approach of Governor Siminilaye Fubara GSSRS. They have accused the governor of evoking ethnic sentiments, employing coercion, and using diversionary tactics to mislead the public.

The group highlighted the governor’s reliance on support from his predecessor and the current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Chief Barrister Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, to attain power.

They expressed a commitment to ensuring that the state government remains focused on effective governance and not swayed by opportunistic individuals seeking personal gain.

In particular, the group aims to hold the state government accountable for demonstrating transparency, especially in the context of the allocation of federal funds. They seek to empower the public to evaluate the governor’s performance and counteract the influence of sponsored agents who divert attention from scrutinising the government.

The Press Statement signed by Tamunotonye Ibiba and John Igwegbe, President and Secretary respectively on behalf of the group calls for increased transparency and accountability in the governance of Rivers State, urging the public to scrutinise the governor’s performance in light of federal allocations over the past six months totalling over a hundred and fifty billion naira with no visible and verifiable projects commensurate with funds accrued from the Federation Account and the internally generated revenue.

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In the first instalment of a series aimed at shedding light on the realities within Rivers State, the group aligned with individuals known for upholding truth and fairness has expressed concerns about the actions of the Governor. They assert that the Governor’s initial actions reflect an attempt to portray himself as a victim to mask his perceived shortcomings and ineptitude, a stance he articulated upon assuming the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The group highlights the doubts held by a significant portion of party leaders and loyalists who opposed the Governor’s nomination and endorsement by former Governor Barrister Nyesom Wike. They argue that the Governor appears more interested in public perception than in consolidating and improving on the achievements of previous administrations.

In light of these concerns, the group calls on the Governor to choose the path of honour by prioritising excellence over mediocrity. They emphasise their commitment to upholding truth, even if it may not be the popular choice, and urge the Governor to address the doubts and prioritise governance that serves the best interests of the people of Rivers State.

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