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Again, Abuja residents attack, loot food truck (VIDEO)

By Mo Isa

Barely 24 hours after a warehouse was looted, residents of Abuja, on Monday morning attacked and looted a truck carrying food items.

The incident happened on Monday morning in Dei-Dei, Abuja.

The location, CONVERSEER learned is 20 minutes drive from the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA warehouse looted on Sunday.

According to the video shared by Leadership News on X (formerly Twitter), the hungry residents preyed on the truck in the middle of the road.

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According to a voice in the video, probably the recorder, the residents were carrying rice, beans and everything inside the truck.

One of the residents who spoke on the video said, “We voted Tinubu and hunger is killing us. We are tired. This is a government truck carrying palliative. This is corn and as you can see, it is getting bad.”


CONVERSEER reports that the NEMA warehouse that was looted on Sunday is located in Karimo, Phase 3 Region Abuja, 20 minutes drive from Dei-Dei.

According to reports, over 15 people were arrested in connection to the NEMA warehouse looting.

This is the fourth incident this year, with the first and second being in Kaduna, where Dangote and Bua food trucks were attacked and looted on 20 February and 1 March 2024.

Mo Isa
Mo Isa
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