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High tension nearly killed two in Calabar (VIDEO)

By Frank Ulom

A repeat of Mount Zion by Inyang Edem and Nyahasang viewing centre almost happened in Calabar, Cross River State, following the surge of a high-tension wire last week.

The incident, CONVERSEER learned happened on Saturday, 2 March 2024, at Chamley by White House.

An anonymous source who sent the video to our newsroom said the incident happened close to the big gutter that is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

According to the sender, it took the bravery of some men to save the two people who got sucked and were almost electrocuted.

The sender also decried, “I keep thinking about the low-hanging electric cables at Bedwell (Effio-Ete Shopping Complex stretch). I pray something should be done to take some further up – for safety reasons.”

According to the video, one man was trapped in front of his shop while the other was left hanging by the edge of a demarcation shaking until some brave men scouted for dead woods and pulled them out while the electric surge continued.

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Some of the high-tension electric cables fell on the roof and the ground, burning in high flames.

A source who escaped Mount Zion by Inyang Edem’s electrocution said that he doesn’t wish for anyone to experience electrocution.

Added, “I don’t want to remember the Mount Zion by Inyang Edem incident which I escaped years back, talkless of the Nyahasang viewing centre where football fans were watching Manchester United Europa League match. I can never wish for such a thing to happen to anyone.”

“Seeing this Chamley incident brings back memories and I thank God they survived. Thanks to the men who summoned the courage as well.”

CONVERSEER couldn’t ascertain the cause of the incident but reported that it took a long time before the PHED turned off the light – that was after much damage had been done.



High tension nearly killed two in Calabar (VIDEO)

High tension nearly killed two in Calabar (VIDEO)

High tension nearly killed two in Calabar (VIDEO)

Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom
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