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Perm Sec charges NCP sub-committees to align with Tinubu’s economic agenda

Members of the resuscitated Sub-Committees of the National Council On Productivity, NCP, have been charged to unleash the full potential of the “national workforce in alignment with the 8 Point Renewed Hope” Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Alhaji Ismaila Abubakar said in a keynote address to the National Council On Productivity Sub-Committee meeting in Abuja, Wednesday that their inputs will go a long way in mitigating the adverse impacts of economic challenges confronting the country.

Alhaji Abubakar represented by Mr Inuwa Yakubu, Director of Productivity Measurement and Labour Standards, MLS, expressed optimism that the meeting will set a new productivity agenda for the present administration.

Perm Sec charges NCP sub-committees to align with Tinubu's economic agenda

The Permanent Secretary charged Council Members to “clinically X-ray gaps in our economic growth factors that mitigate against National Productivity especially the national workforce in order to promote productivity consciousness amongst our citizenry.”

He acknowledged that “this being the first meeting after the resuscitation and inauguration of the Sub-Committees in 2022, there’s no gain in saying that the thematic areas slated for deliberation would promote national productivity in all its ramifications.”

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Abubakar recalled the unanimous adoption of four thematic areas of the Medium Term Development Plan, MTNDP predicated on 2021 to 2025 rejuvenating the national workforce to guide the Committee’s deliberation and listed the Sub-Committees to include establishing a strong foundation for a diversified economy, sub-committee on investing in critical, physical, financial, digital, science, Technology and innovation Infrastructure, sub-committee on enabling a vibrant, educated and healthy populace and subcommittee on Building a solid framework and enhance Capacities to strengthen security and ensure good governance.

According to the Permanent Secretary, by holding the first meeting of the Sub-Committees, the Ministry has demonstrated its determination to ensure that the Council live up to its bidding with the Sub-Committees becoming functional

In his address to the meeting, the Director, Productivity Measurement and Labour Standards, Mr Inuwa Yakubu noted the Council’s commitment and sense of responsibility to national duty stressing that productivity plays a pivotal role in the sustainability of the nation’s economy.

Mr Yakubu represented by Mr Godson Ogbuji called for the improvement of national Productivity as a means of increasing total wealth, a task which he said government attaches great priority.

He expressed concerns over the long years of low productivity in most sectors of the economy noting that without productivity economic growth, job creation and standards of living will continue to deteriorate while people living in poverty will continue to rise.

The Director assured that the federal government was poised to galvanise both human, material and financial resources to ensure that Nigeria is repositioned towards increasing national productivity as well as regaining global competitiveness and ranking.

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