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Nigerian Army says air power most important to modern warfare

On 8th April 2024, the Theatre Commander Joint Task Force (JTF) North East (NE) Operation HADIN KAI (OPHK), Maj Gen W. Shaibu, had an insightful conversation with the Commanding Officer of the Tactical Air Command (TAC), Air Vice Marshal (AVM) FO Edosa.

During the meeting, Gen Shaibu commended the air component for their tremendous support in the ongoing fight against terrorism in the theatre of operations.

He described air power as an indispensable component of modern warfare and highlighted that the success achieved so far was a testament to the collaboration between the army and the air force.

Gen Shaibu emphasised the importance of continued support from the air component to enhance operational effectiveness and success.

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He believed that if sustained, it would deny the terrorists the ability to bring fire to bear and also deny them freedom of action.

He added that the Air Component of OPHK had conducted intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, as well as air strikes in the terrorists’ enclaves across the theatre, which had successfully degraded and weakened their capabilities.

The AOC, AVM FO Edosa, also spoke about the importance of jointness in operations. He stated that pursuing jointness was necessary if they were to achieve an operational end state.

He commended the Theatre Commander for his appointment and thanked him for the reception, assuring him of the air component’s continued support and collaboration towards the success of the operation. He equally pledged to resolve the areas of challenges presented by the Theatre Commander.

The visit was further highlighted by a presentation quarter guard, signing of the visitor’s book, presentation memento, and group photographs.

Overall, the conversation between Gen Shaibu and AVM FO Edosa was productive and informative, highlighting the importance of collaboration between the army and the air force in the fight against terrorism.

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