Sunday, 26 May 2024.

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Terrorists Attack Supermarket, Kill 12 In Nasarawa

By Mo Isa

Barely 24 hours after celebrating the new year, 12 people have been killed by terrorists in a Supermarket in Nasarawa.

CONVERSEER learned that the ugly incident happened on Tuesday 2 January 2024 at One Man Village, Nasarawa – a few kilometres from Abuja.

According to @PIDOMNIGERIA, an investigative journalist’s handle on X (formerly Twitter), the state was among the eight targeted by terrorists.

The others are Benue, Enugu, Plateau, Kaduna, Taraba, Niger and Ondo.

Terrorists Attack Supermarket, Kill 12 In Nasarawa

“On the 1st of Jan 2024, I asked Nigerians to guard their villages. I specifically mentioned Nasarawa state amongst their main targets.

“On the 2nd of Jan, 12 innocent Nigerians were gruesomely murdered at a supermarket by terrorists at One man village in Nasarawa state,” the tweet by @PIDOMNIGERIA on Wednesday read.

Meanwhile, over 160 people were killed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Plateau State. Many have tagged it “religious cleansing.”

Mo Isa
Mo Isa
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